Boys and Girls U6

At the U6 level, activity day (Saturday) consists of a 60 minute session: 30 minutes of technical development (fun with a soccer ball!), a 5 minute break, and a game of four 5-minute periods and a 5 minute half time.  There are no mid-week practices.

The field is small, and the kids play with a size 3 ball.  Play is 3 v 3, with a maximum of 5 players on each team.  There are no goalkeepers.  Everyone plays at least half the game, and no one plays the whole game until everyone has played 3 quarters.  No referees, but each coach will help the game along.

Boys and girls are on separate teams.  Soccer shoes are recommended.  Shin guards are required and must be completely covered by socks.  AYSO provides a full uniform: jersey, shorts and socks.