Boys and Girls U16 & U19

At the U16 & U19 levels, games are played on Wednesday nights.  For U16, the game consists of four 20 minute periods and a 5 minute half time.  For U19, the game consists of four 22 1/2 minute periods and a 5 minute half time.   Play is against teams from other Regions in our Area Q, which ranges from Lompoc to Paso Robles.  Region 599 generally tries to get all of our games scheduled for Damon Garcia but we cannot guarantee it.  If there are enough players and teams, there are separate divisions for U16 and U19.  However, if there aren’t enough players to form a team in each division, a combined U16/19 team is formed, which plays in the U19 division, often against other combined division teams.

There is generally 1 practice per week, with the day, time and place as determined by the coach.

The field is full size, and a size 5 ball is used.  Play is 11 v 11 including a goalkeeper.  Everyone plays at least half the game, and no one plays the whole game until everyone has played 3 quarters.  Games are officiated by an experienced center referee and two assistant (sideline) referees.

Boys and girls are on separate teams.  Soccer shoes are recommended.  Shin guards are required for all practices and games and must be completely covered by socks.   AYSO provides a full uniform: jersey, shorts and socks.