AYSO is an all-volunteer organization founded to deliver quality youth soccer programs to the community. There are many opportunities for the entire family to participate and help make the season fun and successful.

2016 Parent Orientation
On August 23, we held a parent orientation session to give parents, new and returning alike, an overview of the AYSO Mission and Philosophies and what to expect in the upcoming season.  If you were unable to make the meeting, you can view the PowerPoint presentation HERE.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the Pre-Season:

Q: When will I head from the coach?
A: By September 7.  If you haven’t heard by Sep 8, you can look up your child’s coach in eayso.org and get their contact information.  If you can’t get a hold of the coach after that, then please email me, June McIvor, Regional Commissioner, at jmcivor599@gmail.com.


A Parent’s Guide to AYSO

Confused about the Offside Law?
Click here for a great video from FIFA.

AYSO Video
A video for new AYSO parents is now available online and conveys the child-first philosophies and other valuable benefits that make AYSO the best soccer program for all children and families. Click here to watch the video!

Earrings/ jewelry
For safety reasons, please refrain from obtaining any piercings just prior to and during the season. Earrings or any other form of jewelry are not permitted during practice and games. Taping of earrings is not permitted. A player will be asked to remove jewelry at game time.