Q) I want to coach.  Are there any administrative issues I need to resolve?
A)  First thing you will want to do is let the Regional Coach Administrator (David Marshall) know that you would like to coach and in which division.  DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE A COACH FOR THIS SEASON UNTIL YOU HAVE GOTTEN SPECIFIC CONFIRMATION FROM YOUR DIVISION COORDINATOR–no matter how many seasons you have coached in the past!!  We have had unfortunate miscommunications on this in the past–be safe and get confirmation that you are on our list.  Before the season starts, you will need to complete three requirements:
1) Complete and submit a 2017 Volunteer Form   (Blue Sombrero)
2) Safe Haven Certified   (Click here to get started)
3) Be Coach Trained in your division. Please contact your Division Coordinator for additional information.
4) Take the online Concussion Awareness Training (Click here to get started)

Q) What is Safe Haven and why is it required?  How often do I need to be Safe Haven Certified?
A) Safe Haven certification is required for all volunteers who will, in any way, be involved with and in contact with players in the AYSO program.  Click here to get started.  The Safe Haven course has changed significantly over the years so all volunteers are encouraged to take the Safe Haven Certification each season.  All coaches in our Region, new and returning, must have taken the Safe Haven course in 2016 or in 2017 to coach in 2017.

Q) I volunteered last year to coach.  Didn’t I already submit a Volunteer Application or do I need to do it again?
A) Volunteer Forms need to be completed each year you volunteer for any position (including coaches, assistants, team parents, referees, anyone involved with and in contact with players).  We submit those volunteer forms to AYSO National who run background checks on every application submitted.  Since backgrounds potentially change from year to year, background checks are necessary every year.

Q) I am coaching in a division lower than my highest level of coach training.  For example, I am coaching in the U10 division.  I do not have U10 coach training but I do have U12 or above coach training.  Do I really need to attend U10 coach training?
A) The short answer is yes.  Since the AYSO coach training is comprehensive and specific to a particular age group, you will need to either have already completed or attend coach training in the division you will be coaching this season.  This requirement applies to the head coach and any official assistant coach.  This is particularly important in the competitive age groups (U10 and above) where the head coach and assistant coach must be age appropriately trained to advance beyond our End of Season Tournament.  Please contact your division coordinator for additional clarification.