Q) When does the 2017 regular season start?
A) The first weekend of games for the U6-U14 divisions is September 19th; U16 & 19 will start play on Wednesday, September 7th. For U6 and U8, the regular season runs 9 straight weeks with the final regular season games ending on November 11th. For U10-U14, the regular season runs 8 straight weeks with the final regular season games ending on November 4th; the End of Season Tournament (U10, U12, U14) is November 11, 15, 17, 18 & 19.  Rain make-up dates for the EOS Tournament are November 24, 25, & 26  (yes, Thanksgiving week, so do your sun dance!).

Q) When will I hear from my coach?
A) We will select our coaches and form our teams over the summer. The Regular Season Coaches Meeting will be at the end of August. The coaches will receive their equipment, uniforms, roster and player registration forms at that meeting, and then will start contacting their players. You can access your coaches contact information in Blue Sombrero after September 4.  Please do NOT email us because you have not heard from the coach until after the end of the day on September 4th.

Q) My child(ren)’s practice days and/or times are inconvenient.  Can I switch teams?
A) No. We do not make any player changes unless you were inadvertently placed in the wrong division. Examples of incorrect division placement would include if you are a boy placed on a girls team (or vice-versa) or if you made a written request to “play up” and that request was missed AND there is space available.  No refunds will be made for drops because of inconvenient practices.  Your child’s playing time in games will not be affected by their ability to attend practices.

Q) What can I do to have more control over when and where my child practices?
A) Coach your child’s team.  Because coaches are volunteering their time and energy to our program and our kids, they have sole discretion as to what days, what times and what locations they hold practice. As a coach, you will have the flexibility to arrange your practices around your schedule and we will provide you the support and training you need to make it a successful experience for everyone.  After the teams are formed, we would still love your help as an assistant coach but the time to sign up as a coach to be able to determine practice time and location was in the summer.

Q) Who is responsible for setting up or taking down the goals and corner flags?
A) It is the responsibility of parents of the participating teams to set up and take down the goals each week if those teams have the first or last games of the day on their assigned field. Please plan on arriving a little earlier than normal if your team has the responsibility of setting up your field. Team responsibility is listed on the COACHES tab.