AYSO Soccer Camps are returning to San Luis Obispo AYSO Region 599!
AYSO Community Day Camps create an environment that is fun and conducive to learning for all ages and levels of ability, and does it on the fields the kids already know and love.
With solid grounding in AYSO’s philosophies and coaching programs, AYSO Soccer Camps works with kids on skills and activities appropriate to their age and skill level.
AYSO Soccer Camps are conducted by the best nationally and internationally trained coaches recruited and trained by UK International Soccer Camps.
UK International was established in 1990. Since that time, they have developed an excellent reputation and have become one of the largest providers of soccer instruction within the Western United States. UK International coaches are primarily from Great Britain and have been specially selected for their expertise in teaching children the game of soccer.
UK International Soccer Camps are the only organization whose coaches are safe haven certified, qualified AYSO Coach Instructors and trained in AYSO philosophies. With their firsthand knowledge and experience with the latest soccer training methods and styles, these camp coaches are selected not only for their knowledge and their coaching ability, but also for their commitment to creating a fun, positive learning environment for the players. The result is a soccer camp experience players will remember for a lifetime.
The AYSO Soccer Camp curriculum has been developed by AYSO in conjunction with some of the highest-level camp trainers in the country, and is approved by AYSO National Coach John Ouellette. From fun introductory sessions for the youngest players, to intensive technical and tactical sessions for advanced players, AYSO Soccer Camps match players of various ages and skill levels to ensure that each player experiences just the right mix of fun and skill development.
All camp sessions are based on individual attention to ball skills, as well as fun games to put those skills into practice and develop teamwork. We encourage all players to express themselves in order to develop confidence and individual creativity on the field.
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AYSO Soccer Camps – June 2013
AYSO Soccer Camps – August 2013
Team Camps are also available and are a great opportunity to create a customized curriculum for the benefit of your team, pre season. The aim of the program is to create an environment conducive to both individual and team development, ensuring your team has “The Best Possible Soccer Experience”… Each coach has the opportunity to customize the content of their team camp, ensuring that your players get the necessary development relevant to them. The AYSO/UK International Soccer Camps coach responsible for your team camp will meet with you prior to the commencement of the program thus guaranteeing a focused, week long camp. Call 888-857-6222 for details.
Hosting a UK Soccer Coach is a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience as well as being somewhat of a cultural exchange. The coach has the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the real American lifestyle, whilst the host families benefit by learning about the British way of life, its cultural differences and enhancing their soccer education. The similarities and differences of our language, combined with the love of soccer ensure a memorable week and long lasting friendships for everyone.

Cat SUM 2013 SLO

Summer Camp Registrations are open for all ages and abilities!

Spaces are limited.

This summer, Catalyst Soccer is celebrating the beautiful sport of soccer with a top level development and instruction for all soccer loving young players. Catalyst Soccer has been at the forefront of youth soccer development since 1999 and has helped develop thousands of young players towards the higher levels of the game with their passion and professional approach to youth development. Influenced by the top youth development models in the world, Boys and Girls who love soccer will love the FUN and LEARNING of Catalyst Soccer!

Catalyst Soccer is taught by current college coaches and players with a FC Barcelona inspired curriculum to increase skill levels and tactical understanding.

The Catalyst Soccer Approach

Catalyst Soccer has been developing players AND coaches on the Central Coast for over a decade. Since its founding in 1999, thousands of youth players of every level have come to Catalyst for not only the passionate coaching, but because of the emphasis on skill development and enjoyment of the game. All Catalyst programs emphasis a “learning by doing” philosophy for participants with a ‘special’ emphasis on the following:

Individual Ball Skill: Moves, turns, shielding the ball, 1v1′s and many dribbling exercises that are designed to build a player’s confidence and creativity with the ball at their feet.

Problem Solving: Passing effectively and accurately, possession type games, combining with teammates, give and go’s and other passing exercises to give young players the tools to creatively break down other teams.

Short-Sided Games: Games with smaller numbers (5v5 or 3v3) allowing players to simulate real game situations while maximizing their touches on the ball.