Last Year’s SnT Results. 2016 will be posted after it is over.

The Results

GU10 Silver
1st: Santa Ynez B – Coach Lageman
2nd: Lompoc B – Coach Cobian

BU10 Silver
1st: Lompoc B – Coach McGahee
2nd: 5 Cities B

GU10 Gold
1st: SLO A – Coach Van Brasch
2nd: Paso Robles A – Coach Bullard

BU10 Gold
1st: SLO A – Coach Schroeter
2nd: Atascadero – Coach Rice

GU12 Silver
1st: 5 Cities B
2nd: Atascadero – Coach McEwen

BU12 Silver
1st: SLO B – Coach Williams
2nd: Visalia – Coach Bahr

GU12 Gold
1st: Paso Robles A – Coach Gonzalez
2nd: SLO B – Coach Marshall

BU12 Gold
1st: SLO A – Coach Krill
2nd: Lompoc A – Coach Datuin

1st: Paso Robles – Coach Oetting
2nd: Lompoc – Coach Jacobson

1st: SLO – Coach Dolezal
2nd: Lompoc – Coach Pacheco